5 Action Steps Towards Living a Healthy Lifestyle

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Without a doubt, people want a healthy lifestyle, but most of us fail to do anything about it. And, in their efforts to speed up their wellness goals, they will rush into crazy diet fads or extremely strenuous workout routines that end up doing more harm than good.

When you are really serious about improving your overall health and fitness, don’t start with an “I’ll start on…” qualifier. That means, don’t wait for a New Year’s resolution, a beach body season, your birthday, a class reunion, or the ever popular – tomorrow. You can have a healthy lifestyle any day, every day, starting with today. Health and Nutritional experts agree that there are five common sense action steps that will take you on the road to your healthy lifestyle. These experts include dieticians, dentists, gastroenterologists, orthopedists, cardiologists, and physical therapists. Those five steps are


The difference between human beings and all other life forms is our ability to use our brain power as our most positive motivational tool. If you can see something in your mind, you can achieve it. Just as we all learned to crawl before we could walk, we need to remember that all large accomplishments begin with the first step. Maintaining a can-do attitude is the first step to success.

2. Nutritional Eating:

Eating less calories will help to lose weight, but if those foods that we do eat do not have all the vitamins, minerals, and nutritional adaptogens that our bodies need for optimum performance, we are defeating our goal of having a healthy lifestyle. In addition to eating the right types of dietary needs, we need to ensure that we give our bodies all of the daily nutritional needs that will support total wellness. Having good supplements, like Isagenix, is a sensible way to get a continued supply of essential nutrients to obtain good metabolism, cardiovascular wellness, and lean muscle growth.

3. Exercise:

Carrying around extra weight on your body can be more than an uncomfortable feeling. Being overweight means that your heart and lungs have to work harder. It also puts extra stress on your joints that can result in physical injuries or osteoarthritis. One big step in having a healthy lifestyle is exercise. But, the important thing to remember when you begin an exercise program is to start slowly. Jogging may be your goal, but begin with brisk walks and work up to the jogging pace. Yoga is an excellent way to de-stress body and to help increase your mobility and flexibility. Another great way to exercise without undue stress on the body is swimming. Working out with a friend or joining an exercise group will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goal. If you have any physical limitations, be sure to get your doctor’s okay before starting any form of exercise program.

4. Sleep:

Sleep, insomnia, night.

Our sleep cycle is way more important than just resting our minds. It is during this time that our bodies have the ability to rejuvenate our cells and work on repairing minor aches, pains, and sores. During a 24 hour period, the average person will perform well if they are able to get between 7 and 9 hours of continuous sleep. With a good night’s sleep, we are able to wake refreshed, invigorated, and ready to face the new day with energy and mental clarity.




Living with a lot of stress can have a negative effect on our attitudes and can lead to overeating, sleep problems, headaches, and other ill effects. Avoiding stressful situations is always easier said than done. But, we can find ways to release the build up of stress. Sometimes we can release stress buildup by talking with friends or co-workers, using breathing exercises, having a massage, or simply engaging in a personal hobby or activity that will make us feel better. When faced with a stressful situation, remember our first step: Mindset. Your goals are within your reach and letting go of stress is part and parcel of keeping that positive mindset.

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