Energy Boosters

Fat Burners vs. Energy Boosters

I believe that brands that make promises to help you drop weight quickly without effort, and/or curb your hunger, only offer a temporary fix. As a result, you will not experience long-term results.

Although you may experience results with fat burners, they must be combined with proper nutrition and exercise. If you are just relying on a special pill or powder alone, the results will be temporary. Generally, once you go off the “fat burner,” you typically regain your hunger, and pack the pounds back on (if not more).

Make sure you understand the ingredients in the fat burners; some of the ingredients in fat burners can have side effects. You must be very informed before adding them to your regimen.

Energy Boosters are a Different Story

I am a big supporter of supplements and vitamins that enhance your energy. It is important to recognize that staying hydrated, eating a well-balanced diet full of nutrient-dense food, and getting plenty of rest are the key factors, and are essential to feeling energetic. When incorporating these into your daily lifestyle, your energy levels should remain high.

However, I do recognize that even with the best of intentions, our busy schedules, inconsistent nutrition, and stress can interfere with our energy on some days. Everyone (including me) has some days that they feel more sluggish than others. On these days I am comfortable having my clients consider energy enhancement supplements as long as they are as safe as a cup of coffee. I do take some energy enhancements so I can get more out of my workouts.

For those looking for an energy boost or pre-workout, I recommend sticking with natural vitamin drinks, or caffeine. It is amazing sometimes what the right combination of vitamins and caffeine can do for your mental focus and increased workout stamina. For those looking for this I do recommend a few natural energy drinks that I feel meet my standards as far as ingredients go, while also providing an energy boost.

My Recommendations

My favorite is the E+ shot; I personally choose to use this product because it truly contains nothing artificial.E+ reduces the effects of fatigue with naturally sourced caffeine and a proprietary blend of adaptogenic botanicals. On top of this, it contains no sugars, artificial colors, or other sneaky ingredients that can do damage to your body.
Here are some of the benefits E+ can provide you:

  • An energy boost that starts right away, and lasts for hours
  • Jump-starts your workout
  • Improved focus and physical performance
  • Clarity and alertness
  • A safe & natural energy boost
  • Only 35 calories per serving
  • Boosts your metabolism

To learn more about E+ click here.

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AMPED Power is a pre-workout supplement designed to prepare your body for increased strength & power levels for your workouts.
It also contains Creatine, the most widely researched supplement that is out there. This has been proven to improve your performance, as well as reduce fatigue. This key ingredient is a big reason why I recommend this product.

There are a few other ingredients, such as Nitrosigine and Citrulline, which increased blood flow, resulting in more oxygen dispersed throughout the body.
For greater alertness and focus, pair with E+.

To learn more about Amped powder click here

NOx shots are a pre-workout supplement that helps improve your performance levels with supported blood flow, and reduced fatigue. The supported blood flow means that your body is fed more nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout your body, which in turn gives your body more energy.

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