Smash your Goals and Achieve your Desired Lifestyle

Do you write down your goals? Do you break your goal? Are you setting SMART goals?

Writing down your goals is so important. Neuroscience has proven that if you write down your goal you have a higher chance of achieving them. There have been numerous studies proving this theory.

When you only think about your goals you are only using the right hemisphere of your brain which is your imaginative center of the brain. However, if you think about a goal or a desire and then you write it down as well you activate the left side of your brain, and you send a conscious signal saying “I want this and mean it”

The simple habit of writing down your goals and dreams opens your subconscious mind and produces a powerhouse mindset. I highly recommend this amazing goal setting book called 5 Year by Dan Zadra. This book is amazing for setting a long-term goal but also taking action today towards achieving those goals.

Creating SMART goals is very important:SMART goals

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time specific



Creating SMART goals is a key factor in achieving your goals,  also breaking down your goals into smaller goals is an important step in achieving your desired results. You can have a big end goal but you must break them down into smaller goals to help you achieve your end goal.

Goal setting: Preparing for your goals

Create smart goals– Be specific with each goal, do just say I want to lose weight. Say I want to lose 10 kg. Then have a way of measuring this goal. Make sure it attainable and realistic. For example, losing 10 kg in one week is not realistic. Be time specific, don’t just say I want to lose 10 kg. Make a plan for a realistic time period, say I want to lose 10 KG in 60 days. Here is an example of Smart goal.

Plan for Obstacles – have a plan, a backup plan, and a backup plan to the backup plan. Planning for obstacles while at the same time envisioning your success will boost your odds of achieving your goals. There is always going to be obstacles that prevent us from achieving our goals, this is ok and totally natural. Being mentally prepared for these obstacles will help you stay in a positive mindset even if the goal was not achieved. When obstacles come in your way, all you have to do is make a new plan and set new goals. We are constantly changing and updating goals to achieve the end goal.

Create the Right Habits –  Changing your habits is an important step to achieving your goals. Setting and sharing intentions with yourself and others make goals happen. When we make commitments to ourselves and others, and we write them down and say them out loud, these are called implementation intentions.  Make it a habit to say “what can I do today” to get closer to achieving my goal, make it a habit to write them down and hold yourself accountable.]=

Move Closer to the Goal– Breaking down your end goal into smaller goals helps us get closer to the goal. Moving the goal closer requires us to envision it, to see ourselves achieving it. Remember the goal must be a SMART goal. When we break down our goals into smaller goals and we achieve these small goals, it gives us a natural dose of dopamine to which cause good feelings around the goal being achieved.

Taking the time to set SMART goals and write them down and share them with a friend will really help you in achieving your end goal. Many people find having a lifestyle coach helps keep them accountable to achieving their goals. If you thought about trying a lifestyle coach before I urge you to book your free lifestyle coaching session with me now. 7 Steps to Build a Successful Mindset


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